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nbn™ Compatible Battery Replacement

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Product Description

All NBN™ replacement batteries stocked by NBN Battery Services and compatible with your current NBN™ Connection Box;

  • Battery Type: 12V 7.0-7.2Ah 6 Cell VRLA
  • Dimensions: 150mm (W) x 94mm (H) x 64mm (D)
  • Terminal Type: Quick Disconnect F2
  • Terminal Dimensions: 6.35mm (W) x 0.81mm (T) Faston® Tab terminals.
  • Terminal Location: 8mm from casing’s side edge and 12-24 mm from the casing’s top edge.

Free Shipping across all of Australia

  • NBN Back-Up Batteries Maintain Internet and Phone connectivity during power outages;
  • 100% Compliant, Australian-Supplied Back-Up Batteries available;
  • Easy To Do – With some basic tools you can simply disconnect the old one and plug the new one in.
  • 12-Month Warranty on all stock batteries itself;
  • Orders shipped on the same day, if ordered before 12:00pm (via Australia Post);
  • Order tracking information available on request and sent via email.

NBN™ Battery Repairs and Replacements

If you feel that your NBN™ Back-Up Battery might be due for a service or even a replacement, NBN Battery Services can provide you with three options;

Complete System Inspections:

NBN Battery Services can provide you with a total security inspection. Our technicians are fully equipped to examine any and all alarm systems across New South Wales, whether connected via NBN™ or otherwise. As such, if we discover that your systems are entirely healthy, we will inform you and provide you with a health certificate to help with any insurance documentation you may require in the event of a potential intrusion.

If we find that elements of your security system are in need of attention, we will pinpoint those areas and supply you with a quote from one of Pacific Security Technology’s licensed contractors.

We can tend to all elements of your alarm, regardless of the make, model or age of the system, including leading brands such as;

Should you proceed with any further services, such as a professional alarm repair, upgrade or maintenance service, you can rest assured by Pacific Security Technology’s 12-month guarantee across all workmanship and associated security products.

Your home or offices will surely benefit from the 20 years’ experience across both domestic and commercial alarm and security systems.

Back-Up Battery Replacements:

In the event that your Back-Up Batteries are starting to fail, malfunction or cause error messages on your alarm keypad, we highly recommend that you have them replaced as soon as possible.

Failing to have your Back-Up Batteries in full working order can result in problems when making claims from your insurer in the event of a successful burglary.

We therefore recommend that you have your batteries inspected and/or serviced at least once a year for commercial clients and at least once every two years for domestic customers.

Should you choose to have your Back-Up Batteries serviced, NBN Battery Services is backed by New South Wales’ leading security and alarm technicians, making us the leading experts in Back-Up Battery Maintenance, Repairs and Replacements in Sydney.

Back-Up Batteries for Sale: 

If you would prefer to perform the battery replacement yourself, good on you! We offer the most reliable battery packages from the country’s leading manufacturers to ensure your systems not only perform well, but continue to do so for the full extent of battery’s lifespan.

Unfortunately, however, your hard work won’t be backed by any guarantees, making future replacements and insurance claims potentially more difficult to handle.

Nonetheless, please find the specifications for the base model NBN™ Connectivity Box Back-Up Battery, along with additional information on best practices and applicability;

When is Best to Replace your NBN™ Connection Box Battery?

In most cases, if your Back-Up battery begins to fail, your alarm’s power unit or the keypad itself will start to emit a beeping noise. When you hear this noise, it’s time to replace your Back-Up Battery.

Some Internet Service Providers and all Back-To-Base Monitoring stations will also alert you via email, text or phone as to the condition of your Back-Up Battery.

If all else fails, it is recommended that you have your Back-Up Batteries serviced or replaced at least once a year for commercial clients and once every two years for domestic customers.

How Often Should the Back-Up Batteries Be Replaced?

Back-Up Batteries of all the most reliable makes and models are expected to last for approximately two years. Due to the fact that they are in constant use and always being recharged, they are prone to failure over extended periods of time and, as such, should be serviced or replaced regularly.

Most insurance providers and security experts recommend that home alarm systems, whether connected via NBN™ or otherwise, have their back-up batteries serviced at least once every two years. Commercial customers are urged to have their back-up batteries inspected at least once annually.

What if I don’t replace the battery?

All internet and telephone communications running through your NBN™ Connection box will cease in the event of a power outage. Your Back-Up Battery is designed to keep your communications up and running when your property loses power.

All NBN™ Connection Boxes come equipped with a Back-Up Battery for your safety, to ensure that your phone lines stay open and connected when it matters most.

More Information

Product Shipping:

Your back-up battery will be safely packaged and then shipped via Australia Post, Standard Postal service. Most customers can expect deliveries within just 2 business days, but we ask those further afield to allow slightly longer. Please note that tracking information is included with your delivery where appropriate.

Product Specifications and Standard Installation Procedures:

  • 12V 7.2Ah 6 Cell VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery.
  • 151L x 65W x 100H.
  • Faston F2 Tab Connection.
  • Ease of installation is dependent on the location of your NBN™ Connection Box and its respective Back-Up Battery. Additionally, if you run a third-party Back-To-Base system with independent connectivity, you may be looking to change the wrong battery. If unsure, we recommend you give us a call.
  • Standard Installation procedures require only basic tools – the system is to turned off at the mains, following which the old back-up battery is to be unplugged and replaced with the new one. Turn the mains power back on and the system should acknowledge a battery replacement has been made.

Payment Security and Guarantees

NBN Battery Services and Pacific Security Technology employ the latest 128-bit SSL encryption to process your payment information online. Credit card details are not stored on our servers. We will not share your details with any 3rd party and where third party payment portals are to be used, such as Paypal or Stipe, we ask that you read their respective T&Cs carefully before proceeding.

All services rendered by NBN Battery Services and Pacific Security Technology are covered by a 12-Month guarantee across both workmanship and the products themselves.

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