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About NBN Battery Services

NBN Battery Services aims to provide Sydney and the rest of New South Wales with a quick and cost-effective way to go about replacing or servicing their NBN™ batteries.

As NBN™ technology becomes more popular across Australia, it becomes more important to ensure that your communications aren’t interrupted in the event of a power cut.

Your NBN™ System’s back-up battery is designed to provide additional power to the system when the Mains fails to supply enough. It is therefore essential that your back-up batteries be working at their best.

The personnel at NBN Battery Services are the same alarm and Back-To-Base Monitoring technicians offered up by the likes of Alarm Doctor and Pacific Security Technology as NBN Battery Services was created only as a means to provide a more direct approach to those in search of professional battery replacements and related services.

Pacific Security Technology was established over 20 years ago with the aim of providing Sydney Siders with some of the region’s finest and most competitive alarm and security system services, cementing their name as leaders in their field over the last decade or so.

It is with their knowledge, experience and technical expertise that the technicians at Pacific Security Technology have been able to branch out and provide a more specialised battery replacement service, tailor-made to suit those with the all-new NBN Connectivity Boxes installed in their homes and offices.

If you’d like more information about Pacific Security Technology and Alarm Doctor, please feel free to click on their links to visit their respective websites.


Is NBN™ Connectivity a Suitable Option for High-Grade Security?

While NBN™ Connectivity has many benefits and works well for most security needs, it is unfortunately not the best solution for the most effective security measures.

The National Broadband Network™ Scheme facilitates data transmission and connectivity, making phone calls and internet packages cheaper.

However, because the system relies on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the signals transmitted between the NBN™ Connectivity Box and your alarm’s respective Back-To-Base Monitoring Station can become interrupted or even corrupted. This therefore results in mixed messages being sent to both the Alarm’s Keypad and the monitoring station in question.

As such, NBN™ can and does work with Back-To-Base Monitoring solutions – and should always be run with a healthy back-up battery – allowing information to flow freely in the event of a power cut. However, in circumstances that call for more sophisticated security measures, where items of extreme significance are to be guarded at all times, VoIP is not recommended.

Vetted criminals with the right experience and the appropriate tools can overwhelm VoIP-based security signals, enabling them to take control over the systems in question and thereby facilitate their crimes.

It is therefore recommended that if you are looking for an industry-grade Back-To-Base Monitoring solution, you look for a GPRS-based BTB Monitoring System.

While the GPRS Monitoring solution also incorporates VoIP, it works independently of your NBN™ based internet and phone package, running an encrypted signal over a separate Telstra Data Stream, making it a far more effective means of protection than the NBN™ based system.

We recommend that you get in touch with us on 1300 660 445 for more information on which systems to equip.

One of our trusted technicians will be sure to provide you with the insight you need to make the most informed decision about your home or office security needs.

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