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Sydney’s Go-To Back-Up Battery Provider for NBN Systems

The National Broadband Network is a relatively new initiative to instate faster and cheaper internet and phone connectivity by relaying information over Internet Protocol instead of your standard telephone line.

Developed by Telstra and supported by the majority of households across Australia, NBN allows for all communications to be centralised to a connectivity box in the home or office, making for a more efficient means of telephony and internet activity.

To find out more about the National Broadband Access Network (NBN™), please click here.

Most properties will have had the NBN systems installed professionally, having their security systems synced up to the NBN box to allow for the alarm system to communicate effectively with the monitoring station and police department. However, we advise you to confirm with your installer as to whether your alarm system was connected correctly and if so, what measures were taken to ensure the proper set-up.

If you feel that your system may not have been correctly installed, contact us today on 1300 660 445 and we’ll see to it that your alarm systems are properly set-up.

NBN Battery Services and What We Offer

NBN Battery Services offers Back-up Battery deliveries, replacements and installations to customers across Sydney and New South Wales who have transitioned to the nation’s new broadband scheme.

Back-up Batteries are essential to maintaining connectivity between your alarm and any associated monitoring stations in the event of a power cut, whether created intentionally or accidentally.

In most instances where a home or office intrusion takes place, the offenders will often seek out the mains power supply and either overload the system, or cut power to the property completely. If you back-up batteries are faulty, run-down or dysfunctional, such an attack would go undetected as your alarm services would be entirely disconnected.

By regularly servicing and replacing your NBN™ back-up batteries, you stand to ensure long-term protection over your property. Added to this, most home and office contents insurers will require your alarm systems to be fully functional at the time of any attempted intrusions. If the systems are found to be dysfunctional, you may find it difficult to make a successful claim.

Regardless of whether your NBN™ system was installed by your internet service provider or a third party contractor, it’s essential that you have the system inspected and serviced at least once every two years for domestic properties and at least once a year for commercial properties.

You may want to seek advice from your insurer if you are unsure as to when your alarms were last due for an inspection.

Call us today to book your NBN™ Battery Replacement or Repair Service – Ring before 9:00am and we’ll do our best to tend to your property on the very same day.

1300 660 445

When is Best to use NBN Battery Services?

Australia’s leading contents insurers for both home and office properties usually require that commercial properties have their back-up batteries serviced and or replaced at least once every year, while domestic properties just once every two years.

Failing to effectively maintain your NBN™ System’s Back-up Batteries may result in unsuccessful claims in the event of a potential intrusion or burglary.

Is Your Alarm Posing An Issue?

NBN Battery Services is a Subsidiary of Pacific Security Technology Pty Ltd., one of the regions leading experts on everything alarm and security system-related.

If your household alarm or commercial security systems are acting up, its likely that you may have encountered a technical fault that needs professional attention.

As such, we highly recommend that you reach out to us, following which Alarm Doctor or Pacific Security Technology will respond with the appropriate service solution.

Are you experiencing any of the following;

  • Alarm Sounding for no apparent reason;
  • Alarm Keypad Beeping;
  • Keypad Showing an unknown Error Message;
  • Motion Detectors too Sensitive;
  • Pets setting your alarms off, or;
  • Keycard access issues and technicalities?

If so, Basel Basset and his 5-star-rated technicians can see to your systems at the drop of a hat, and have you back up and running in as little as a single, half-hour visit.

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